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Frequently Asked Questions

Orders Registration

Why is some merchandise written in grey and some in dark blue?
Grey color means, that the merchandise is sold out and dark blue means it will be sold out soon.
How do You ship packages?
We ship UPS ground, or USPS priority
How long does it take to receive my order?
We proceed all orders almost immediately after receiving. After we get all information we need for the order, including payment, we ship them. UPS Ground 1-7 days depending on destination.
Can I pay for my order by check or money order?
Yes, except credit cards we also accept checks and money orders.
When I want to put something in the basket the webpage immediately returns to home page with a request to login although I already did.
For correct function of our website your browser must support JavaScript and Cookies. As per your description it looks like you have support of Cookies switched off.
What does it mean free shipping from $60.00 and free shipping and handling from $90.00?
Orders from $60.00 have free shipping but you pay handling 13% from the order. Orders from $90.00 have totally free shipping and handling.
How can I delete items from my order?
You can delete items from the order by going to your Cart Content. Write "0" to the quantity field end click on the arrow next to the field or Enter on the keyboard to confirm the change.
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